Computer Diagnostics

All modern cars are fitted with an on-board computer otherwise known as an ECU to monitor electrically run systems and sensors. To enable the car to run efficiently the on-board computers have to be fully functioning. If there is an error with the computer it will normally flag up a warning symbol on the dashboard. It is recommended not to ignore this symbol as it may be a fault that could damage a component or in worst cases the engine itself.

This warning light alerts you to obtain a computer test to investigate the problem further.

Wolds View Garage have full computer diagnostics equipment on-site for reading and diagnosing electrical and computer faults.

We are constantly up-dating our equipment and software to ensure that we offer the very best diagnosis for your vehicle.

Our technicians attend regular training courses and seminars to up-date their knowledge in this ever changing market.

This diagnostics test will give our technicians a good indication what the fault is. We will let you know what is required for the fault to be rectified or alternatively let you know what to do to rectify it yourself. Please note, due to complicated electrical systems, we can only advise you what we believe is the fault. It may well require further investigation to reach the source of the fault.

As per most garages there is a fee involved with carrying out a diagnostics test. The technician who carries out the test will have a discussion with you after the test has been completed and explain the next step of the fault or repair. If you decide not to have the fault recified the fee will still be applicable and we will provide you with a print out for your records and for a future reference.

Using the diagnostics we will also be able to reset your service light reminder. For this we do not charge as it is included in the service price.