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As from the 15th of February 2024 we are not carrying out any further motorbike MOT tests.


We will of course honour the ones that are already booked in.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.




We are always looking to employ good, reliable motor technicians or mechanics


Why travel all the way to York and spend hours in the traffic on the A1079 when you can be at work within minutes !


We are a town centre garage based in Pocklington


Excellent rates of pay, pension, complimentary food and drinks, monthly bonus (after 3 months of employment) and other benefits


Free MOT training provided if you want to become a tester







Once again there appears to be a shortage of parts. We are beginning to struggle locating parts such as suspension, clutches and certain tyre brands.


This is all due to suppliers being unable to keep up with the huge demand for spare parts for all of the used cars currently on the road


We are doing our very best to move vehicles along as quickly as possible but our hands are very much tied waiting for parts.


If you are booking your car in please be prepared to be without your car for a couple of days.


We thank you for your patience




For over 20 years we have been operating as a family run, hardworking and professional vehicle workshop with a fully approved DVSA MOT test centre. We employ well informed, skilled and knowledgeable technicians that each have their own individual skills and abilities. This ensures that we can work confidently on a vast range of vehicles and can address a majority of issues, defects, faults or maintenance that your vehicle may require. We use various diagnostics systems that will identify engine faults, reset service lights and programme brakes, sensors etc. to the vehicles ECU.

Wolds View Garage
Wolds View Garage

We are the only DVSA/VOSA approved workshop and MOT test centre located in Pocklington town centre. This handy location makes it easy to drop off your vehicle to avoid the inconvenience of getting to and from out of town garages or to York or Hull main dealers.

We employ local, experienced and trained technicians who between them, have a huge amount of experience in Servicing, MOT testing, vehicle repairs and general maintenance, clutches and gearboxes, engine rebuilds, computer diagnostics, brakes, tyres and cam belt replacements.

We have also been MOT testing motorbikes for a couple of years now. Please note that we MOT bikes only and do not carry out any remedial work on them.

We are aware that modern car engines all require the correct oil grades and other lubricants, we ensure that we use the correct liquids and oils for your vehicle at all times.

We will work out which service is the correct one for your car. We base the service on the annual mileage you cover and what type of engine is fitted. All oils that we use are premium grade oils. Please note that carrying out the correct service on modern vehicles is quite time consuming and most require diagnostics to reset the on-board computer and the oil levels. We do try to keep servicing costs to a minimum but like anything - doing the job correctly does come at a cost.


                                                                                     We are proud to be a "Female (and Male) Friendly Establishment"