Cambelt Replacement


Wolds View Garage provide a quality and cost-effective Cambelt replacement service (or Timing belt as it is also known).

A Cambelt is an extremely important integral part of a combustion engine that controls the timing of the engines' valves. If the Cambelt fails the engine may seize up leading to all sorts of damage that is potentially expensive to repair.

Since these belts are difficult to inspect, it is essential that the vehicles belts are replaced at the recommended distances and/or time periods that the manufacturer recommends.

Do not get the timing belt mixed up with a timing chain. It is not common practise to replace a timing chain as generally they are a non servicable item. However the cam belt is servicable item and will require replacing at some stage in the vehicles lifetime.

When we carry out a replacement we make it known to the customer that not only does the cambelt itself require replacing, the pulleys and tensioners and water pump may also require replacing at the same time. If the water pump is not renewed, it may well fail shorlty afterwards and cause a similar amount of damage.

If the water pump is not renewed - it could fail shortly afterwards causing further expense as the whole job will need to be repeated.

It is imperative that this job is done correctly and we would only use top-quality parts that comply with original equipment specifications, which include new pulleys and tensioners. Call us for a quotation.